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Dubai Double Clear to the Sea

Issuing time:2019-05-09 11:25

First, what products can be shipped? How to transport?

1. Provide China-to-Dubai air-to-air and sea-going door-to-door service. Customers only need to provide cargo packing list and consignee information. Whether you are looking for personal or commercial use, Tianlitong International will do its best to meet your service needs.

2, all over the country can receive goods, arrange domestic logistics to Guangdong, Guangzhou shipped, private goods in Guangzhou shipped safe, convenient, simple procedures.

2. What services does Tianlitong International Logistics provide?

1. Provide one-stop service such as pick-up, air, sea, customs declaration, commodity inspection, documents, customs clearance and delivery.

2. The consignor only needs to provide the packing list of the goods and the consignee and consignor information (commercial or personal items can be arranged).

3, weekly flights and shipping schedules, time guarantees.

4, China free warehouse storage, 3 days free of charge

5, all costs, no hidden costs;

6, special items need to be confirmed separately, flammable and explosives and other contraband will not be carried.

Third, matters needing attention

1. The list of goods provided to our company must be in conformity with the actual goods. Do not report or miss the goods, or even bring in cigarettes, medicines, etc. that cannot be properly cleared. Otherwise, the extra expenses and fines (may) will be very high.

2, all goods need to be packed, fragile items must be wooden / wooden boxes.

3, Dubai air transport, shipping double clear door to door to provide tax package services.

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