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The policy is good and the logistics industry is welcoming

Issuing time:2019-05-08 00:00

The Yangtze River Business News News Stimulated by good news, the logistics sector collectively strengthened yesterday. China Storage Co., Ltd. (600787, shares) rose sharply in the intraday market by about 8%, and closed up by 5.20%. Pegasus International (002210, shares), Feida (300240, shares) rose more than 4%.

When Premier Wen Jiabao inspected Shaanxi, he pointed out that it is necessary to take effective measures to revitalize the logistics industry. The measures to revitalize the logistics industry must not only be introduced quickly, but also must be made.

Hongyuan Securities (000562, stock bar) analyst Yan Jian pointed out that the recent development of the logistics industry "National Eight Articles" will solve the "different tax in the same industry" and "duplicate tax payment" from the taxation and tax base, etc. The problem is that it will bring substantial benefits to listed companies engaged in warehousing, freight forwarding and loading and unloading operations, and recommend China Storage Shares with more land resources.

Qian Liefei, an analyst at Haitong Securities, believes that in the future, he can focus on “capacity expansion” logistics companies, both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal expansion is mainly reflected in the release of existing business capacity (such as bonded technology (600794, stocks), Aoyang Shunchang (002245, shares), etc.), including cross-industry cross-regional replication business models (such as Yi Yatong, Aoyang Shunchang, etc.) The vertical expansion is reflected in providing more value-added services, extending the service chain, enhancing customer retention and improving profitability. Its core competitiveness is reflected in service model changes and innovations (such as Yi Yatong, Tielong Logistics (600125, shares), etc.) .

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