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Where is the root of chaos in vehicle logistics?

Issuing time:2019-05-09 09:58

The development history of the domestic vehicle logistics industry has only been more than 20 years. Following the development of China's automobile industry, it has experienced the gradual development and upgrading from scratch, from shallow to professional, from passive imitation to active innovation. Because the vehicle access threshold is not very high, the overall cultural quality of the employees is low, the standard level of each family is not uniform, and the market demand is expanding, leading to the industry's dilemma of “slow logistics and price chaos”. .

Therefore, there are always three unsolvable problems in vehicle logistics in the logistics industry:

First, practitioners are not standardized;

Second, market malicious competition;

Third, the importance of the policy is not high.

Where is the root cause of the whole vehicle logistics?

There is only one fundamental reason - no rules. There is no rule in an industry, no quantitative standards, and chaos is inevitable.

Tianlitong Logistics is the logistics delivery platform of Shenzhen and the logistics and freight transportation of Shenzhen. It is believed that the non-standard of service is the most important reason for the price non-standard and opacity. China's vehicle logistics industry is still in the early stage of development. It is based on transportation and warehousing services, lacking personalized value-added and integrated services. Perhaps it is such a status quo, in the field of vehicle logistics, there will be so many chaos.

If these three problems can be solved, the industry can rely on the price war of illegal vehicle operations in the past, to rely on strategic cooperation, logistics alliance to share the logistics network, and form resource convection, in order to reduce costs, in order to achieve multi-win.

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